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Jerome Kasper <neon.king.fr@gmail.com>
got selective import / merging
Wed, 20 Nov 2019 01:18:59 +0100

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Hi everyone!

I've been thinking about the fact that sometimes, when one start
a project or extend another , one has sometime to import only
some relevant parts of another git repo.

Let's take the example of amdgpu. linux amdgpu will be evolving
forward and as it's the main source where hardware providers
contribute. In order to import / update amdgpu in openbsd,
developpers (jsg@?) will have to import / merge some specific
parts of the linux tree which exist as a whole but that we just want
to import / merge some specific part.

What would be the right way to do it with got ? i've been thinking
about creating something like a "got cherrypick {import|merge}"
option with something like a regular expression that would match
the relevant files.

1.Is that something that would be wanted?
2.Is there already a clean way to do that?
3.Am i expecting too much in the current state of things?
4. Might i help about working on something like that ?
5. if 4 is yes , where should i start looking in the source?

Thank you for your thoughts and lights,