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Omar Polo <op@omarpolo.com>
Re: gotwebd.conf: add varset and include
Tracey Emery <tracey@traceyemery.net>
gameoftrees@openbsd.org, Stefan Sperling <stsp@stsp.name>
Sun, 02 Oct 2022 17:10:36 +0200

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On 2022/09/25 16:05:14 -0600, Tracey Emery <tracey@traceyemery.net> wrote:
> I didn't think it needed them, so I pulled them. I'm temporarily on a cell phone with no ability to review, so whatever the consensus thinks is fine by me. But I don't understand the need to stay like all of the other parse.y's just because that's the way it is. Have a good week folks.

as stated before, i won't push for this if you don't like it.  There
is IMHO an argument to be made about being coherent with other daemons
in base.  Macros in particular are helpful to trim down repetitions,
or to spawn another copy of the same daemon with some parameters
tweaked without actually changing the configuration file.  I use them
exetensively in pf.conf and httpd.conf at least, and was planning to
use them in gotwebd too (but admittedly only for development, it's
handy to spawn a dev version of gotwebd with the same configuration
but that listens on a different port or path.)