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Stefan Sperling <stsp@stsp.name>
fix dubious checksum failures in got-fetch-pack
Sat, 29 Oct 2022 23:27:34 +0200

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Using a work-in-progress regression test suite for gotd, I can trigger
occasional checksum failures in got-fetch-pack while cloning a repository.

This is a long-standing bug in got-fetch-pack, where only one byte stored
in the potential sha1 checksum buffer is moved (copied) up, instead of
shifting all of the remaining bytes up by one position, as was intended. 
As a result, the checksum we end up computing for the pack file is incorrect.

This can be triggered if the server is doing very short writes, and is
probably rare enough with git-daemon/Github that we haven't seen it fail
very often.


got-fetch-pack: fix wrong memmove length leading to dubious checksum failures
diff f5d30fbb425287166f3a3ce74eca6adf547bdef7 4fd631967e89f3ee7d5be408e9fe774ff5b2b4d5
commit - f5d30fbb425287166f3a3ce74eca6adf547bdef7
commit + 4fd631967e89f3ee7d5be408e9fe774ff5b2b4d5
blob - b253e5ac03dea40d28e1f2112418a29f0365a7c6
blob + 10b18441dcd85ef135b54279beb0f68f297be850
--- libexec/got-fetch-pack/got-fetch-pack.c
+++ libexec/got-fetch-pack/got-fetch-pack.c
@@ -688,7 +688,8 @@ fetch_pack(int fd, int packfd, uint8_t *pack_sha1,
 				while (sha1_buf_len > 0 &&
 				    sha1_buf_len + r > SHA1_DIGEST_LENGTH) {
 					SHA1Update(&sha1_ctx, sha1_buf, 1);
-					memmove(sha1_buf, sha1_buf + 1, 1);
+					memmove(sha1_buf, sha1_buf + 1,
+					    sha1_buf_len - 1);