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Ted Bullock <tbullock@comlore.com>
Re: got histedit tribulations
Sun, 26 Feb 2023 19:58:20 -0700

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On 2023-02-26 6:14 p.m., Ted Bullock wrote:
> Hiya folks,
> So I attempted to use got histedit this evening to change a significant
> typo in a commit message. So far, I've read through the manual on this
> and I'm left barely ahead but definitely without an edited commit message.

Sorry for spamming the list with the double send.

It took me another hour and a half of making mistakes with the histedit
command to finally get it to behave and adjust the repository in a sane
way. It was not at all obvious even when looking at the manual to make
the adjustment and then I mistakenly edited the wrong commit at least 3
times. There was woefully little UI guidance about what I was doing
wrong as well and what changes could be made. Of course relearning ed
for the umpteenth time did contribute here somewhat.

I did eventually read closer and find the -m option, but by then I had
some grasp of the scripting system.

So in summary I'm not sure if it's just the documentation, my reading
comprehension or the tool itself being obtuse in this regard but I found
using it to edit exceedingly challenging.

Ted Bullock <tbullock@comlore.com>