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Thomas Adam <thomas@xteddy.org>
-portable: config.h/split dependencies
Tue, 28 Feb 2023 23:34:11 +0000

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Hi all,

Please have a look at the `ta/configh` branch in the main -portable repo,
which addresses a few things:

1.  Introduces config.h -- this is actually written out as include/got_compat.h
    and the original include/compat.h has been renamed as include/got_compat.h

    This was done to reduce the supposed long command-line length which was
    becoming a problem for some.

2.  In doing so, it's allowed me to split out dependencies rather than having
    everything included in LIBS.  This means that ncurses is now only
    referenced where it's required (i.e., tog(1) and not got(1)), for

    This should help when I move on to defining further submodules for
    gotweb, so that libexec helpers can be linked separately.  It just means
    the autotools dance is now much simpler than it would have been before.

    It's also allowed me to remove some of the uglier compat gloop I had been
    using before, as I'm now targetting specific dependencies, so that's a

Note that all of this work passes for me on my CI systems, but currently WILL
NOT work for muscl builds (alpine, some voidlinux variants) -- this is
something I know how to fix, but will do that tomorrow.

regress/ tests are also failing -- I'll fix this tomorrow as well.

But I consider this branch to be in a good enough state to test, so please do,
and let me know how you get on.