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Mark Jamsek <mark@jamsek.com>
Re: tog: quit after resizing fullscreen mode in horizontal split
Mikhail <mp39590@gmail.com>
Sat, 22 Apr 2023 14:32:39 +1000

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On 23-04-21 08:53PM, Mikhail wrote:
> tog with 178x54 size
> <enter>
> S
> F
> resize tog to 124x37
> the app quits for me, no core file, echo $? gives zero

Thanks, Mikhail! I can reproduce this.

It seems the error is being discarded here in main():

  9899		if (error && error->code != GOT_ERR_CANCELLED &&
  9900		    error->code != GOT_ERR_EOF &&
  9901		    error->code != GOT_ERR_PRIVSEP_EXIT &&
  9902		    error->code != GOT_ERR_PRIVSEP_PIPE &&
  9903		    !(error->code == GOT_ERR_ERRNO && errno == EINTR))
  9904			fprintf(stderr, "%s: %s\n", getprogname(), error->msg);
  9905		return 0;
  9906	}

The actual error is a failed wresize() call here in view_resize():

  1063		if (wresize(view->window, nlines, ncols) == ERR)
  1064			return got_error_from_errno("wresize");

The call fails because nlines is negative. This is because earlier in
view_resize(), when the terminal size has decreased, we define nlines by
first subtracting the new (smaller) terminal height from the previous
(larger) terminal height, and subracting the difference from the current
view->nlines value:

  1005		if (view->lines > LINES)
  1006			nlines = view->nlines - (view->lines - LINES);

When in horizontal split mode, the view->nlines value is the line height
of the view's split, which in this case is the log view in the top
split. And the difference of the decreased terminal is larger than this
value. When fullscreen is not toggled, this isn't a problem because we
call view_splitscreen() which recalculates the horizontal splits.
However, in this case we just want the split values without splitting
the screen.

The below diff fixes this by resetting the nlines value for the
horizontal split, like view_splitscreen() does, if the first assignment
produces a negative result.

While this fixes the bug, I want to refactor this a fair bit when I have
more time, which should also address your "tog: no vsplit and hsplit
adjustment after fullscreen toggle" mail. This won't be for a few weeks
after exams and we're on session break, so I wanted to get a quick fix
for this out. We could also fix this by subtracting the difference in
terminal height from view->lines rather than view->nlines in the above
assignment (line 1006), but that will apply to all views and I'm unsure
of the fallout and lack the time to investigate. The below diff will
only reset view->nlines in the problem case uncovered by Mikhail.

diff /home/mark/src/got
commit - 3aa652eff930e9f4d878f8d4a7d01ffd3e95e096
path + /home/mark/src/got
blob - c1264e0741802f1cb6105a4bc666bda6ea965ebb
file + tog/tog.c
--- tog/tog.c
+++ tog/tog.c
@@ -1050,7 +1050,9 @@ view_resize(struct tog_view *view)
 			nlines = view->nlines;
-		}
+		} else if (nlines < 0 && view->mode == TOG_VIEW_SPLIT_HRZN &&
+		    view->child)
+			nlines = view_split_begin_y(view->lines);
 	} else if (view->parent == NULL)
 		ncols = COLS;

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