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Thomas Adam <thomas@xteddy.org>
Re: -portable gotd progress
Wed, 23 Aug 2023 20:22:56 +0100

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On Sun, Aug 20, 2023 at 02:28:55PM +0200, Stefan Sperling wrote:
> The following patches provide some progress for gotd in -portable.
> The patches are based on the ta/gotd branch, not the 'portable' branch!

Thanks, Stefan.

For everyone else's benefit who isn't on IRC, I'll summarise what's changed.

The ta/gotd branch has been rebased and force-pushed containing the following
changes to the patchsets already sent out in this email thread:

* enter_chroot() is now stubbed via HOST detection (OpenBSD vs !OpenBSD) such
  that this can be included portably.  Although overkill for such a small
  change, this does set things up for future -portable changes should there be
  any -- and indeed, when I get round to making gotd and other areas
  subprojects, this change will aid with that.

* In changing enter_chroot(), I've introduced a static function in gotd/gotd.c
  called drop_privs().  This could be added to got upstream, but doesn't seem

* compat/getprocname.c -- I've simplified this as the necessary gubbins for
  this is in include/got_compat.h

I've left the authorship as-is, Stefan, FYI.

Things left to do:

I don't like the hard-coded constants in gotd/gotd.h -- there's too much
margin for error in leaving '#ifdef __linux__' stubs everywhere.  I'll need to
modify this to go via ./configure

Test all of this.  So far, CI is passing compilation on linux, Macos, FreeBSD.

I want to sort out the configure bits before I merge this to the 'portable'

Note that for the foreseeable, all of this work is still going to be behind
the '--enable-gotd' configure option, so ensure you pass that to ./configure
when you're compiling this.

Thanks all for your input!  Any questions, give me a nudge.